Super P Force

Super P Force

  • Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil & Dapoxetine
  • For Treating: Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
  • Onset of Action: 60 minutes
  • Duration of Action: 4 - 6 Hours
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One of the most recognized sexual dysfunctions today is erectile dysfunction (ED). Every year, millions of men experience their first occurrence of impotence, which can be a very difficult situation to accept, and move forward with. Many men hold a lot of pride in their ability to perform sexually, as it is human instinct; when that is ripped away, it can leave a large scar on not only a man's pride, but on their libido as well.

For decades, studies have shown a regular increase in cases around the world of erectile dysfunction in men, with an ongoing rise constantly. This rise does not only show more men in general, but more men from younger generations also being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction; or even just experiencing signs of impotence on occasion.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction date back to the years of Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. In these times, men would wear the talisman of rooster, and goat genitalia, which they believed would promote an aphrodisiac-like effect, allowing for a stronger sex drive. Once the 13th century was reached, men began consuming roasted wolf penis, which they also believed would act as an aphrodisiac.

Romans later began consuming the genitalia of animals they thought to have a high libido, such as rabbits, as well as drinking the semen of hawks and eagles. Since these times, modern medicine has of course advanced quite a long way. We are lucky enough to have erectile dysfunction treatments at the click of a mouse, in some much more beneficial, and better functioning forms.

While erectile dysfunction is a massive concern in many men's lives, the number one sexual dysfunction recorded in men today is premature ejaculation (PE). While it is estimated that roughly 10% of the world at any given time to suffer from erectile dysfunction, a staggering 30-40% of men worldwide are said to experience premature ejaculation during sex. This entails ejaculating within one minute of penetration while performing sexual acts. This can be an incredibly embarrassing occurrence, as well as a massive mood killer in the bedroom.

What is Super P Force?

Super P Force has quickly made a name for itself in the world of severe sexual dysfunction cases, where men are experiencing both erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation (PE). Super P Force is a generic form of Viagra, which utilizes the exact same active ingredient called sildenafil-citrate. This is the active ingredient that is responsible for the production of an erection. The other active ingredient utilized in Super P Force is Dapoxetine, which is the same active ingredient found in the name brand medication called Priligy. This is the ingredient in the medication which will provide men with the ability to better control their orgasms.

Together these two active ingredients offer an excellent balance for men experiencing these two symptoms. Super P Force contains 100mg of sildenafil-citrate, similar to its name brand successor; while also containing 60mg of Dapoxetine, which is the equal amount used in the highest dose of Priligy. Combined in this one pill, those struggling with ED and PE are sure to experience sex like never before!

How Does Super P Force Work?

When looking into understanding the mode of function for Super P Force, it is important to break the medication down into two parts, and look at the way each active ingredient functions; first, sildenafil-citrate. Sildenafil-citrate is a member of the PDE-5 inhibitor class of medications, meaning its responsibility is to slow, or halt the production of PDE-5 enzymes in the body. When there is a large amount of PDE-5 active in the penis, this will restrict the ability to produce another chemical called cGMP, or cyclic guanosine monophosphate.

This chemical plays a massively important role in the ability to achieve, and sustain an erection. When cGMP is present, it will allow for the smooth muscles in the blood vessels of the penis to widen, allowing for a heavier blood flow, which will allow for more oxygen to the penis. This will in turn equate to a strong erection.

Next, we must look at the way that Dapoxetine works. Dapoxetine is a part of the SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor group of medications, however, it is the only medicine in its class which can be used on an 'as needed' basis. Most SSRI medications are to be taken once a day on the hour, and used for depression, and anxiety cases, and not as a sexual dysfunction medication.

Super P Force will allow the brain to develop higher levels of serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for happiness, and mood stabilization. It is not entirely sure why Super P Force correlates with premature ejaculation, but has proven very successful, and continues to do so to this day.

Dosage Instructions for Super P Force

When taking Super P Force for the first time, we advise starting the dosage with half of a tablet on the first use. This will eliminate the chances of experiencing any side effects, as a new medication can potentially be a shock to the body when given in a large dose. Taking half will let the user know whether they require a full dose, or if the full effects are meant with a 50% dose. This can then be adjusted accordingly as per each patients required effects.

It is recommended to take Super P Force roughly 45-60 minutes before planning to engage in sexual intercourse. The sildenafil-citrate in the medication can become active inside of a 30-60-minute time frame, however, the Dapoxetine takes slightly longer the fully release; for this reason, we advise a slight longer period for activation to assure the user benefits from Super P Force in its entirety.

How Long Does Super P Force Last?

The expected duration of Super P Force sits at around 4-6 hours before the patient will notice its effects wearing off. When this happens, do not take another dose until 24 hours has passed. This can prove to be an unsafe practice, and lead to potential side effects, or other complications.

Super P force, like all other ED, or PE medication, does have a certain time-frame where it shows its peak results in patients. This time frame is generally around the 60-90-minute area, as the medication has had enough time to metabolize into the blood stream at this point. For this reason, we do not advise consuming Super P Force several hours prior to when you are expecting to partake in sexual activities, as you will likely pass the medications half-life time, resulting in substantially weaker effects.

It is possible that some may experience a longer period of effects, while some may experience a shorter period of effects. Elderly men are likely to experience a slower onset of effects, followed by a much longer time of activation; this is due to age bringing a slower metabolism. This can also be the findings of men of any age who have a slow metabolism. The opposite can be said for those with a fast metabolism; these patients will experience the medications effects quickly, even as low as 10-15 minutes.

Side Effects of Super P Force

For most users, they will be able to use Super P Force without any concern of experiencing side effects. However, it is possible for the occasional user to notice signs of minor side effects. These are generally not anything to be overly concerned about, especially when taking the medication for the first time. Some bodies require a period of accepting this new medicine, or a 'break in period' if you will.

Common side effects that could be experienced are dizziness, flushing of the face, muscle pains, headaches, migraines, or nausea. If these are experienced, try to hydrate yourself, and wait out the medication's effects. Once the medication has left the blood stream, the user is likely to be back to normal.

While generally being quite well tolerated, some mens bodies simply reject, or don't agree with different active ingredients. If any patients experience any of these listed side effects, considered to be severe, discontinue use, and contact a physician immediately as they could lead to other complications.

  • Erection lasting beyond 4 hours
  • Seizures
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • Heart attack
  • Chest pains, or loss of breathing
  • Swelling of the throat, causing difficulties in breathing

Is Super P Force Safe?

In the world of sexual dysfunction pharmaceuticals, Super P Force is a well-tolerated, and safe option for most men to take. There may be several cases where it is advised not to take Super P Force, however. While there are many diabetic men who experience erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, it is not advised for them to take Super P Force, as SSRI medications can be dangerous for diabetic people. People who are epileptic, have bipolar disorder, or a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia should not consider use of Super P Force, due to the Dapoxetine not mixing well with these medical conditions.

Reviews of Super P Force

Reviews are quite easy to come across for medications containing sildenafil-citrate like Super P Force, acknowledging its abilities to treat erectile dysfunction. On average, sildenafil-based medications score a very impressive 8.1/10 on major review pages, with many customer reviews available to read. Potential Super P Force users can find several reviews online regrading Dapoxetine-based medications, and their abilities to show success in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Since Dapoxetine is an SSRI, reviews online have shown users experience help with anxiety, and depression which may have been brought on by their sexual dysfunctions in the first place; this alone makes Super P Force a very high contender when looking into medications for sexual dysfunctions in men.

Before You Buy Super P Force in the UK

As we live in a digital age, online shopping has certainly become 'the new black' for most people worldwide. It brings many benefits, from speed of placing an order, to the fast, and discreet shipping offered to UK customers buying Super P Force. Many people may not address issues such as ED or PE, as they are very embarrassing and personal for many to speak with their doctor, or pharmacist about. With ordering online, this removes all the embarrassing natures of the process, as there is also no need to contact a doctor for a prescription. When you choose to order with us, our only requirement is that customers be 18 years of age or older!

With our 24-hour customer service, customers can contact our professionally trained staff regarding any questions about Super P force, another product, or questions regarding an order that has been placed already. We strive to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with every step of the process, and are here to help!

Buy Super P Force in the UK

Well, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to finally make the leap back into a satisfying, and long-lasting sex life. Don't let the past rule your future. Just because you have experienced ED and PE, it does not need to define your sex life! Medications such as Super P Force help make sure of this.

With our simple website design, and simple checkout process, anybody can successfully complete an order through us. We offer several secure payment methods to our customers. Those who would like to order Super P Force can pay via bank transfer for our UK customers, while both domestic and international customers can pay via Debit card, Mastercard, Visa, and even Bitcoin! After payment has been completed you can expect an email confirming the proof of purchase, the delivery date and the discreet name that will appear on your statement.

All orders are packed and posted within 24-hours of payment, ensuring quick UK to UK and UK to EU deliver of your Super P force package. containing Super P Force will be packed, and shipped right to your door!

Buy directly from us at and experience the boundless benefits of Super P Force firsthand.

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Jason D Bordeux – Jan 17, 2022
So much money saved buying these, and they are just as effective. Im so glad I came across these. Definitely deserves a 5star rating. Jason
Curtis – Nov 16, 2021
I literally bought this instead of a different pill because I thought the name was funny. Thankfully, really did the trick in the bedroom haha good article

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