Premature Ejaculation

The pressure has never been greater for men to perform in the bedroom. TV shows like sex and the city and no.1 best sellers like 50 shades of grey have lifted a veil on womans sexuality and men all over the world are struggling to keep up.

In this survival of the sexual fittest scenario more and more men are becoming self-conscious and looking for even the slightest advantage when it comes to improving performance in the bedroom. In fact, a survey revealed that up to one in four of all men from the United Kingdom struggle with sexual performance, with many ejaculating within 60 seconds of penetration.

This has left many men scratching their heads as they look for new and innovative ways to meet their partners sexual demands. We will further explore exactly what men can do to improve their performance in the bedroom, find out how a few simple lifestyle choices can make all the difference and take a closer look at a group of medications that are helping men improve their performance where it matters most.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Throughout the years, premature ejaculation has easily become the most prevalent sexual dysfunction found in men. It has been estimated that nearly 39% of sexually active men between the ages of 18-59 around the world either regularly, or occasionally prematurely ejaculate during sexual encounters.

For men who only experience premature ejaculation rarely, it should not bring much concern; however, if premature ejaculation is experienced on a regular basis during sexual intercourse, it can cause a myriad of different issues in an individual's life.

Signs of premature ejaculation in men would be the duration of sexual encounters regularly lasting one - two minutes or less, or if the man feels he has no control over when ejaculation occurs. Premature ejaculation can be acquired over time, or a lifelong condition. If the man has experienced this condition since first becoming sexually active, this is considered lifelong.

Men can acquire Premature ejaculation at any age, but it is typically experienced by men over the age of 50. Just because this is known to effect older men, it does not mean that it is exclusive to the older generation. 1 in 4 of every new case is diagnosed in a man under 40, meaning we don't have time to lose!

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

When a man ejaculates, it is controlled by the central nervous system. Upon stimulation of the penis, the brain and spinal cord receive signals, which will then send the penis signals back after a certain level of excitement has been reached; this is what causes ejaculation.

When a man begins to experience premature ejaculation, it can be caused by low serotonin levels in the brain, which scientists report can affect the central nervous system. This would also prove to coincide with men who are diagnosed with depression, or anxiety disorders. Low serotonin levels are known to cause these mental health problems as well.

Other premature ejaculation causes can be stress or guilt related. While it was once considered to only be caused by psychological issues, today it is believed that biological factors also come into play. The true causes that lead to premature ejaculation are still not entirely understood to this day. There has been a link found between abnormal hormone levels in men equating to experiencing premature ejaculation, and even low testosterone levels.

Foods to treat Premature Ejaculation

A man's diet greatly affects many aspects of their sexual life, and this includes premature ejaculation. There are several foods that are said to help with premature ejaculation which are very simple to include in any persons' diet. Zinc is known to regulate the production of testosterone in a man, while also stimulating the libido, and helping delay ejaculation during intercourse. Some foods which can be found to be high in zinc include garlic, nuts, kiwi, beef, shrimp, beans, guava, or oysters.

There are many other foods which can be included into a man's' daily diet with ease, which will greatly assist with regaining control of premature ejaculation. Some of these foods that can help men achieve better results in bed are:

  • Spinach has been found to contain a high supply of magnesium. When it becomes a part of a regular diet, it can help massively with sexual, and physical health
  • Oats are proven to be a high contributing food to boosting levels of serotonin, and have proven to allow men to achieve better ejaculatory control
  • Watermelon contains lycopene, and beta-carotene, both components of strong sexual performance.
  • Bananas are very potent for the treatment of PE, assisting in production of testosterone, and an increase in blood circulation.

While important to know which foods can assist with premature ejaculation, it is also important to know which foods contribute to it as well. Many foods that are made with chemical preservatives will greatly work against men when it comes to bedroom performance. Many of the synthetic chemical preservatives used in foods today are simply not adaptable to our bodies, and are considered quite unhealthy; they are even known to be linked to several forms of cancer.

A top contributor to low sexual performance is sugar. Sugar is not healthy to be regularly consumed, and displays many characteristics of a very unhealthy ingredient, in both physical, and sexual manners. Wheat or grain are also not ideal, due to reacting in similar ways to sugar.

Exercises for Premature Ejaculation

It is known that men who have weak muscles in their pelvic floor are likely to not have full control over their ability to delay, or control ejaculation. This can be addressed by adding pelvic floor exercises into a regular daily routine. It is important to be sure that the correct muscle is being flexed for this to be affective. This can be confirmed while urinating, and flexing the muscle which will stop the urination flow, or the muscle which helps to keep you from flatulating.

When flexing this pelvic floor muscle daily, this will greatly enhance the ability to control when an orgasm occurs during sex. This can be practiced in any position; laying down in bed, sitting in the office during the work day, or even while walking.

The best method is to tense the muscles for 3 or 4 seconds, and release for 3 seconds. Be sure to breathe, and focus on only flexing this pelvic muscle, and not the thighs, buttocks, or abdomen muscles. Completing this just 3 sets of 10 repetitions per day will show massive improvements for sexual performance!

Adding a proper workout routine into one's day-to-day life can also assist with sexual performance all around. A top natural promoter of testosterone is lifting weights. Since higher promotion of testosterone can help with premature ejaculation, this is a great way to build better confidence in the bedroom mentally, and be physically more confident when performing sexually.

Premature Ejaculation Medication

While there is not a simple premature ejaculation cure, there are ways to alleviate the condition, which can begin to promote long term benefits, leading to eventual control of ejaculation. Premature ejaculation pills containing Dapoxetine are available, and have proven to be incredibly successful in the containment of premature ejaculation.

Medications containing Dapoxetine are in the drug class SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These medications are generally used as an anti-depressant, or anti-anxiety medication, however, have been found to drastically slow the rate of ejaculation during intercourse.

Dapoxetine is the first SSRI medication to ever be prescribed to use on an "as needed" basis; most anti-depressant medications are prescribed to be taken every 24-hours, on the hour. There have been many studies concluded on the effects that dapoxetine has had over the years on men dealing with premature ejaculation.

The safety and efficacy statistics that have been gathered during these studies have proven this medications safety. It's straight forward and effective way of treating this condition has changed lives, but it is always possible to get more out of your medicine depending on how you adapt your lifestyle as well.

The Benefits of Premature Ejaculation Treatments

The benefits that can be found with addressing premature ejaculation can be plentiful. It is no secret that men can become frustrated, depressed, anxious, or self-conscious about themselves when they are unable to perform in the bedroom. It is a very embarrassing when a man is not able to last long enough to please their partner.

When men choose to take premature ejaculation medications like Dapoxetine, it will spike production of serotonin, which helps with achieving an erection, as well as deplete depression and anxiety problems. It could be said that SSRI medications act as a super medication for those who have no control over their sexual endurance, and need the mental benefits of an SSRI medication.

Reviews of Premature Ejaculation Pills

Reviews play an important role in every industry, and the pharmaceutical world is no different. There is no better way for men to learn about premature ejaculation tablets than reading the experience of other men enduring the same sexual dysfunction. While many people can experience negative effects from certain active, or filler ingredients, sharing experiences can help to deter any men who share other underlying conditions that could contribute to these unwanted effects.

When looking online for reviews on dapoxetine-based medications, it is easy to see just how much success this medication has offered men who suffer from premature ejaculation. On one online review page for dapoxetine, the overall rating is 4.47/5, which was averaged from 118 separate reviews.

These reviews for the most part were very positive, showing great appreciation for the success that the medication was able to offer. There were of course a few reviews of people who did not feel the effects of this medication which is typical, as not every person will react the same to all medications.

Before You Buy Premature Ejaculation Medicine in the UK

The last 24 months have seen significant changes to all of our day-to-day lives. More people around the world have turned to online shopping than ever before. This has become a reflection of the way patients purchase their medications for many different conditions, as it has opened up a massive gap in the online pharmaceutical market.

Customers who decide to buy from an online pharmacy such as ours will benefit from several advantages including but not limited to:

  • Fast delivery direct to your home
  • No need for prescription before ordering
  • Easy-to-use and well laid out website
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All orders are issued tracking numbers, which you will receive in an email immediately following the departure of each order. For anyone who seeks any further assistance, our 24-hour support team is available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Buy Premature Ejaculation Medication in the UK

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