Sildenafil 4 UK – Refund Policy

At Sildenafil 4 UK, we follow an uncomplicated, straightforward process for refunds and returns. This also ensures that our efficient customer service levels are well maintained. Please read through this page to understand what circumstances will qualify you for a refund or return. Sildenafil 4 UK will log and open up a case once reported, in order to investigate and work with a customer to resolve the matter, provided that:

  • The goods are of an inferior quality; 
  • A customer has received the incorrect order;
  • The order contains damaged or missing goods.

This refund and return policy conforms to the online trading, pharmaceutical and regional regulations practiced in the United Kingdom and European Union.

Returns Policy

If there is a problem with an order, a customer should contact us immediately. Customers can submit a request for return if they receive the incorrect order, the medication is damaged or the quality is dissatisfactory. An inspection of the goods needs to be conducted in order to approve the request for return. Customers therefore need to contact us so that we can make arrangements for the medication to be sent back to us.

We advise customers to contact us as soon as they notice a problem with their order as failure to do so may result in issues with their request for return. We cannot process a return if we are not notified promptly after you receive defective goods, if you continue keeping it in your possession or if the medication has been used more than once. If damage occurs after delivery takes place, we cannot initiate a request for return.

Refund Policy

Sildenafil 4 UK will issue refunds provided the same circumstances mentioned above are followed. Contact our customer support department immediately if the goods are damaged or missing, the quality is compromised or it is the wrong order. We can only accept refund requests within 7 days after the order has been delivered to a customer’s address.

We reserve the right to provide refunds entirely at our own discretion. We need to take all aspects into account and investigate each case individually. We cannot issue refunds if a customer has submitted incorrect details such as their name or delivery address. A reasonable amount of time must have lapsed if an order has not arrived at a customer’s address.  An order may be delayed if there are circumstances beyond our control such as problems with the courier service.

Charge Back Policy

Chargebacks will not be accepted under any circumstances. Refund or return requests need to be settled directly with our customer support department. We reserve the right to disallow anyone, who has placed a chargeback with their bank, from using our site again. Cybercrime is a serious offense that will not be tolerated.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to make a request for refund or return, please contact us by using the contact details available on our website.